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Two Tartes Bakery
5629 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108
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Two Tartes Bakery

5629 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108

Two Tartes Bakery, located in Seattle's historic Georgetown neighborhood, is a one stop shop for classic foods tailored with a contemporary spin, as well as freshly baked goods of all desires. Served up with over 20 years of experience, a passion for delivering perfectly crafted dishes that only comes from truly loving what you do is what sets this bakery apart from so many others. As one enters past the charming storefront, they will find a cozy, relaxed setting with a welcoming staff to enjoy our yummy creations inside, or in the outside seating area.

Dedicated bakers with a commitment to providing only the best baked products, they use only the finest ingredients to construct the largest, tastiest cookies, chewiest brownies, decadent pies, and most tender cakes. For a delightful treat, try one of the ginormous cookies. A customer favorite is the Mojo cookie, baked with the sweet combination of coconut, oatmeal, and chocolate chips resulting in a perfectly sweet, chewy cookie. While there's too many to choose from, other classics include the massive snicker doodle, classic chocolate chip, old-fashioned ginger molasses, and peanut butter cookies.

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While one might think thats already plenty of choices, please don't forget the Fudgy brownies, scones, bread pudding, puff pastries, sticky buns, cheesecakes, and more. Because some are coming in for something a bit more savory than sweet, there are plenty of other food options to fit any mood one might be in. The curried chicken sandwich is one classic that definitely cannot go unnoticed. If looking to get some extra greens in the diet, one can have that same curry chicken on a salad instead. With vegetarian options and and lunch specials always available, there is something amazing for any diet.

Located in the Georgetown area of Seattle, Two Tartes Bakery is the prefect place for anyones daily breakfast and lunch needs. Open monday through Friday, 7am till 3pm, there is Two Tartes is ready to change the way people think about breakfast and lunch. Constantly perusing the local farmer's market to find the freshest ingredients, the food selection found on the menu are always fresh, and local. Sandwiches, pot pies, hummus, enchiladas, soups, comforting meatloaf with mashed potatoes, and vegetarian options are available daily. Two Tartes Bakery is the friendliest place to get the best bakery items and caf eats either enjoyed here, to-go, or catered.

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